April 29, 2018

First of all I want to thank Three Under 2 for inviting me to share my story.

So my journey started pretty much as everyones, a year after being married to my other half, I felt ready to make my dream of starting a family a reality.

Let me add that I am a person that is very in tune with my body and that I some hormonal issues as a teen due to not getting my period at all regularly.

About 6months into TTC, I knew something was od...

April 24, 2018

My journey officially began in 2012 at the age of 23. My husband and I had already tried for several years to conceive naturally and took 6 months of clomid with no luck. I knew I’d have issues conceiving because of my pcos and endometriosis, but I didn’t think it would end up being this hard. Our next step was to start with a fertility clinic. I remember feeling optimistic that IUI would be recommended and work, but after var...

I was under the impression that once you decide to start a family, you toss the birth control and give it the 'old college try'. BAM! There you are in your cute maternity jeans, booking your family trip to Disney World. I was surely mistaken. The reality - my husband and I suffered through years of failed infertility treatments, disappointment and expense. We attempted IUI (intrauterine insemination), IVF (in vitro fertilizati...

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September 8, 2019

January 30, 2019

September 20, 2018

August 29, 2018

June 12, 2018

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