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Recently, a friend asked me how many diapers I had used with each of my kids during the first year of their life, and I was clueless! She claimed she used over 2,000 diapers, so I multiplied it by four kids and realized I had bought over 8,000 diapers on the first year alone.

As a mom of 4 in under 6 years old, you can be sure I have enormous experience when it comes to diapers, from changing them to choosing the right one. I’ve used many different brands and styles in the past, until I was lucky enough to try Huggies Plus, I loved it so much that I haven’t looked back ever since.

Huggies Plus was developed with trusted 3-in-1 Comfort and outstanding protection, which you can buy exclusively from Costco. These amazing diapers have the best fit to help keep baby comfortable to play and enjoy life, at Costco prices and value…What’s not to love about that?

They come in sizes 1 thru size 6, so your babies can grow using these amazing diapers as long as they need it. The diapers were designed with increased absorbency for more protection; they are equipped with a liner that absorbs wetness on contact, with leak lock and wetness indicator. They always have the best fit to help keep your baby comfortable.

To make it even better you can only buy them at Costco, which means bigger quantities, less time shopping and more time to enjoy your baby.

Through 9/29 you can even get $9 off!

You can also find Huggies Plus on their website and have them delivered right to your door. Visit this link to shop Huggies Plus diapers online.

Compensation was provided by Huggies. The opinions expressed herein are mine and are not indicative of the opinions of Huggies.

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