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First of all I want to thank Three Under 2 for inviting me to share my story.

So my journey started pretty much as everyones, a year after being married to my other half, I felt ready to make my dream of starting a family a reality.

Let me add that I am a person that is very in tune with my body and that I some hormonal issues as a teen due to not getting my period at all regularly.

About 6months into TTC, I knew something was odd bc I was not getting my period. Being the fast paced person that I am, I made my appointment to see an infertility specialist.

So after one long month of doing all the checkups Dr. discovers that I had endometriosis (curious bc I never had a prior surgery or any type of pain). My tubes were blocked. The Dr. assured me that after the surgery I would be pregnant in No time.

Well he was a bit wrong...

Surgery went well and after 3 months passed he started me on the famous pill CLOMID. My body did not respond to any dosage of this drug.

We all moved to step #2, Which is IUI, another form of insemination in which I had to take injections. Not only did I not get pregnant but every cycle meant I had to wait an additional month and take contraceptives bc my body responded by producing cysts. This is when I began to loose the self control that one needs so much!

Months and months passed. I felt worthless and was greatly affected by the impact infertility was having on me. Hearing friends and family announce their pregnancies was bittersweet.

My husband and mother were thankfully supportive and definitely my rock during the whole process!!!!

Finally I did my first round of IVF and got pregnant on the first try.

I felt lucky and blessed.

If I can say one thing I learned froms this process is that however we take care of ourselves especially how we manage our emotions can help you or hurt you so much during the process.

Also open up to those close to you, you would be impressed of how supportive people can be.

With love.

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