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Since the day I had Jack, my 3rd son, we knew that we wanted another baby. Everybody kept asking me if I was going to try to have the girl, and I kept telling them that if I was going to have a 4th baby it was because I wanted a 4th child and not because I wanted a girl.

For the first few weeks of my pregnancy I was very calm about the sex of the baby, rather than thinking if I was having a boy or a girl, I was more concerned and occupied praying that everything would go as planned and that we would be able to bring a healthy baby to the world. I have three boys, so it's obvious that if I could choose I would choose a girl, but I was also very happy about the idea of having 4 boys.

A week after doing the Integrated Screening for Chromosomal Abnormalities blood test, we received a phone call telling us that everything was fine and a healthy baby was on the way, they also asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. My husband and I had talked about doing a gender reveal for us and the family, so I told the lady on the phone to call my sister in law, Elizabeth, and tell her the sex of the baby.

As soon as my sister in law knew the sex I got really excited, nervous and anxious. I called my husband and told him we have to do this baby gender reveal NOW! And he said, "no, have patience, lets plan it and do it in a few days". I told him, "are you crazy? I can’t sleep knowing that Elizabeth knows and we don’t".

So, I talked to Elizabeth and she told me "don’t worry, I will plan it right know, just call the whole family and tell them to meet us in two hours wearing a color shirt of the gender they think it is, not the one they want it to be".

For two hours I was going a little crazy, it was really funny, we asked the kids what gender they thought the baby was and they all said a girl. As the family started to arrive it was very funny to see what everybody thought, all of the men plus my husband's grandmother wore a pink shirt, and my mom, mother in law and I had blue shirts. The last one to arrive was Elizabeth and of course she was wearing a white shirt so she would not spoil the surprise. She came with three big black balloons, one for each of my boys.

My husband gave each of the kids a sword shaped cocktail pick and told them that at the count of three they had to explode the balloons. So he counted ONE, TWO, THREE…And only Moises exploded his, the other two cried because they got scared and said "Momo didn't wait for us", LOL. So my husband exploded the other two baloons...and PINK papers started falling everywhere. I was so excited, I couldn't believe it, I am having my girl OMG!!!

Everybody started jumping and screaming while Alejandro and Jack cried because they didn't explode their balloon. It was a very fun chaos!

I really want to thank my amazing sister in law for making this such a special moment, she not only ran to do all the preparations, but she had to put all the little papers inside the three balloons herself. She is the best!

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