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As many of you already know, my family and I follow and practice the jewish religion, and on Friday nights we do Shabbat dinners. This week I decided to host shabbat dinner in my house, and invited 22 family members.

Whenever I host a dinner at my house, I tend to plan everything a few days in advance because of all the many details involved in making dinner for so many people. First I plan the menu, and with all of the recipes I do the shopping list. I really like to incorporate different types of foods from my different backgrounds, as well as from other great culinary places. This time I chose Syrian, Peruvian, Chinese, and others for the menu:


- Kibbe Hamda Soup

- Tuna Causa

- Imitation crab meat salad with edamame

- Mango and avocado ceviche

- Potato and shitake mushroom salad

Main course:

- Grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice, apricot and prunes sauce

- Brown sugar and mustard salmon

- Chinese sesame chicken

- Rice

- Brussel Sprouts

For me, the table setting is as important as the food preparation. I love a beautiful table, so I went to Victoria Lekach which has the most amazing tableware accessories. I picked white and neon orange placemats from the Welcome Roses collection with their matching mirrored napkin rings. I only used a few roses in the center because the table already had a lot going on. And the finishing touch was the matching challah bread board I got from Apeloig Collection, the table look so beautiful.

Some people ask me how I do all of this with three kids in the house. So my best advise is to keep them involve in whatever you are planning. For example, I made the challah bread from scratch and had lots of fun braiding the bread with the twins, they helped me putting the flowers in their vases and also helped me setting the tables. They were my little helpers!

If you are interested in any of the recipes, please email me to

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