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In two weeks, my baby Jack, will be turning 2, and as I plan his birthday, I can't stop thinking about his, and the twins' 1st birthday party.

I love celebrating every milestone of my kids' life, so you can imagine that their first birthday was a major event in my family. I planed each and every detail very carefully.

We did the twins' 1st birthday party at my house, and I moved all the living room furniture to created a big space for all the kids to play in. I hired a friend of mine who does entertainment at birthday parties, and she sang and did all kinds of activities for them.

I chose the theme "Little Men", which had mustaches and hats, and of course, all the plates, balloons, napkins, forks, etc matched the theme. I made one cake for each twin, both different but with the same feel, and the best part was watching the twins devour their cake!

I really spent a lot of time finding each item and carefully planned every little detail of the party.

Most of the food I made at home, like the brownies, fruit skewers and tuna sandwiches. I also had some typical Venezuelan party food like tequeños and empanadas. Moms have to eat too, so I made salads and a vegetable plater, in case they were watching their diets LOL.

For the party favors, my husband owns a promotional products and giveaways distribution company, so he did drawstring bags with a mustache imprint. It really came out amazing, we had an incredible time.

For Jack's 1st birthday we decided to do something completely different, and since we had three kids under the age of 3, I had no the time to be so elaborate, but I didn't want Jack's birthday to be less than perfect, so we rented an afternoon at Baby Stars, a kids' school and mommy and me place. They provided the entertainment, with different activities like games, a puppet show, an inflatable bounce house, etc.

We thought of the Lego theme, since it was Jack's favorite toy at the time, and of course the cake was all made of fondant lego and all the decorations matched.

This time around, for food, I decided to do all types of snacks like, gummies, cookies and cupcakes, we also had all of the Venezuelan food, which is a must for any party. I made little Lego boxes and put all the snacks inside.

This time for the giveaways, my husband did sports bottles with a custom Jack Lego design.

It's really amazing to watch them grow and as we celebrate one more year of their lives we should also applaud ourselves as parents for one more year of hard work and dedication to our kids!

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