August 13, 2018

I feel I have been doing baby registries for the last 5 years. On the Twins registry, I went crazy and bought so many things that weren't worth it and some that were amazing. My second time around I didn't buy much since I had Jack 20 months apart from the Twins and everything was in great condition.


This time I am almost starting from scratch and I am so excited! I will try new thing that my friends have recommended, but I will be using some old school items as well.


There are so many baby items and brands that sometimes it's very hard to choose. So, here you will find all of my recommendations (with links included) that I have used or seen my friends use. I hope this can help and guide many future mommies when doing their registry.




  • Crib:  They are so many options when choosing a crib, I bought the cribs for the twins in Newport Cottages the quality is so good that 5 years latter I am still going to use it.  Another brand that I have heard that is very good and great price is BabyLetto

  • Crib mattress: I have been using the pebble pure from Nook for my three kids and still using it this time around, its amazing!

  • Changer: Same as the crib, bought mine from Newport Cottages and its been amazing, I love that is big and it fits everything.

  • Changing pad: I am still using the one that I bought when I had the twins from Nook, I really like it, but now that have a really good one that is made from rubber, so you don’t have to put cover on it and it is easy to clean. Here is the link to it.

  • Rocker or glider: I am obsessed with mine from Dutalier and I am going to use it again, I am going to change the fabric. 

  • Decoration: This is where you can really have fun! This time around most of my decoration I am getting at Restoration Hardware.

  • Diaper caddie: There are many good options when it comes to organizing you changing table, some good ones are the organizers from Pottery Barn, Skip Hop, Ubbi, etc.

  • Diaper pail with bags: Dekor plus and Ubbi are the ones I like.

  • Air freshener: The best is Baby Cotton.

  • Hangers: you can find many but I love the velvet mini hangers.

  • Laundry hamper: You can find many in Pottery Barn but this time I am using baskets from a brand called Petit Pehr.


Play Time


I like many brand like, Baby Noomie, Kissy Kissy, Baby Cotton, etc.

  • Onsies

  • Footies

  • Pajamas

  • Socks

  • Hats

  • Baby Laundry detergent: Dreft

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