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As parents, I feel we are in a constant fight on what our kids are watching on TV, tablets or phones. It's not easy to find educational content that is also fun for our children.

That is why I was thrilled to attend the Cbeebies presentation a couple of weeks ago to learn more about this channel and app that the BBC Network came up with a few years ago. I was also very happy because Jack got to go with me and enjoy the amazing offices of BBC in Miami and see what this channel and app was all about.


Jack had a blast playing and enjoying while I got wowed with the incredible programing that Cbeebies has to offer.

Cbeebies is a channel designed for kids six years and under, which provides pre-school programing that encourages our kids to go learn through play. Another added bonus of this channel is that it's in spanish, and that is a huge plus for us latin moms that are constantly trying to teach our kids our language.


One of the series that this channel offers is the award winning Hey Duggee, a program based on an activity club for children that has adventures and earns them badges, so it really encourages kids to safely go out and have their own adventures with their friends.

An added bonus on the app is that it lets you control the time that the kids are playing, and that is amazing! You don't have to be looking at the clock to see how long your kids are in the phone or tablet, the app turns off by itself!

In conclusion here are some of the thing I loved the most about Cbeebies:

- It has a fun and adventurous programing.

- it teaches our kids to go out and play

- It's 100% in spanish

- It promotes family and relationship values

- The app has a time limit option

- It teaches our kids to explore with creativity

Please go to Cbeebies and let me know what you think!!!

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