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There's no better place to go on vacation with your kids than to Walt Disney World or any of the Disney Resorts. We are very lucky to have it only 4 hours away by car, which is why we usually go to this magical place at least twice a year. This past week we visited Walt Disney World with my family and we had an amazing time. But sometimes traveling with kids is not easy and that's why I created this list of tips, which is great to any parent who is planning to go to Disney with their kids. 1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT HOTEL - Depending on how many days you are planning to go, it could be helpful to get a hotel room that has a kitchen. I personally like it because I take pre-cooked food from my house to help avoid the high costs of dining out on restaurants every day. We spend the first couple of hours of our trip in the supermarket and buy what we need for the length of the trip. Also, if you aren't taking your own car, you should stay in a hotel that has transportation to the parks you plan to visit.

2. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY DISNEY EXPERIENCE - Disney has an amazing tool that helps you prepare for your trip. My Disney Experience is a website, and app, that lets you buy tickets, get your fast pass plus, make dining reservations, order food so you don't wait in line, along with many other things. Make sure to visit My Disney Experience and plan your trip. 3. PLAN YOUR FAST PASS PLUS - Disney gives you 3 Fast Pass Plus reservations per day, This will help you avoid making long lines on the 3 chosen rides, just make sure you arrive to the attractions at the selected time slots.

4. EXPLAIN TO YOUR KIDS THAT THE CHARACTERS ARE VERY BIG - Disney is a very special place for kids, but if it's their first time seeing any of the characters, they might get very scared once they see how big they actually are. So it's a good idea to tell them over and over again how big the characters can be, it's not a bad thing to exaggerate!

5. DRESS COMFORTABLE - When you go to a Disney theme park it's usually for many hours, so it's a good idea to be prepared when it comes to clothing. Using comfortable shoes is a must, and make sure your kids are comfortable as well. Also, when the weather is hot, as it usually is, there are many places where you can find splash pads, so I recommend taking extra clothing and a small towel in case they get wet. 6. TAKE SNACKS TO THE PARKS - My kids eat all day long, which is why I always take some snacks to the park and then buy a few there as well, it's a big way to save some money.

7. PREPARE TO MAKE LONG LINES - Disney is a magical place but the only thing that's not so magical are the waiting lines, so try to be prepared. For example, in my bag I always have wipes, snacks, diapers, etc., pretty much anything that you might need while you wait to go on the attraction. 8. VISIT THE BABY CARE CENTERS - Every Disney theme park has a baby care center, so if you are traveling with babies you can take advantage of this place, it has changing stations, nursing stations, feeding tables, entertainment, etc. It's air conditioned and very comfortable for any mommy and baby to have a little rest. They also have many useful things for sale in case you run out, like diapers, formula, baby food, etc. I really hope these tips are useful and that you have a magical time at any of the Disney Resorts!!!

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