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As all of you know I am a mom entrepreneur, and sometimes in order to be able to work I need to step away from my mommy and house chores, I’m always looking for new places to work from that provide free space, Wi-Fi and more. When I heard Capital One was opening a few Cafés in the Miami area I was intrigued...

Capital One is redesigning the banking experience and empowering people to feel confident in their relationship with their money. The Cafés are just one way they are doing so, making things simple and straightforward. The Capital One Cafés are a space intentionally designed for how people live and bank today. Most of us prefer a digital and mobile experience, but from time to time we want a human connection. That’s where Cafés come in.

The Cafes are about solving people’s financial problems and helping them reach their money goals. They are a place where people can get help and guidance with bank accounts while learning new ways to manage their finances, try out new digital and financial tools, or simply grab a great cup of coffee or local pastry. Did I mention they offer free Wi-Fi?

I love the fact that besides banking I can also enjoy a great cup of coffee, relax, work and recharge.

When I visited one of the cafes I was really impressed with how they designed the place. The cafe is modern but offers a cozy environment, where you can feel stress free and ready to tackle on whatever it is you need to. It's a great new banking experience. It has beautiful marble tables, meeting rooms, nooks, which are enclosed spaces to have private meetings, board games, conference tables, etc. The staff was very welcoming and helpful, they can answer any of your financial questions, and they have many ATM's to make regular banking transactions.

Having a relationship with your finances isn’t easy for everyone. Capital One’s Money Coaching offering is a free program designed to connect your values to your money, get your money under control, plan a path for your future financial goals, and the confidence to make it happen. It’s like life coaching, but for your finances. The money coaching sessions are free, confidential and private. Coaching is judgment free, just bring yourself—no records or bank statements necessary.

They also offer complementary Money Workshops with different financial topics related to different life stages, such as “How to Talk Money With Your Honey”, “How to Make Your Golden Years Shine Bright”, “Wise Wedding Planning” and more. For more info on the schedule be sure to check the cafe’s web site -

Capital One Cafes are opening all over the country, they already have locations in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Richmond, San Francisco, Seattle and St. Cloud. And South Florida has already a few locations in Delray Beach and West Palm Beach. On January 27th Capital One Cafe in Miracle Mile (50 Miracle Mile) will be hosting their grand opening. Come check it out! There will be food, giveaways and more!

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