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The second part of our Israel summer vacation started a little hard, not only because we had to say goodbye to daddy, but because Jack got really sick.

My husband had to go back to Miami to work, and parting ways wasn't easy. He really is such a big help, especially with the kids, and without him things get really hard. Plus he tends to be the funnest person on vacations, so we really miss him a lot.

The day after he left we went to a amusement park called Luna Park, the twins had so much fun with their cousins, they even went on their first ever roller coaster ride! But while they were having lots of fun I could see in Jack's eyes that he wasn't feeling well, I don't know how, but a mother always know when her kids are not feeling well, it's like we have a sixth sense. Jack spent the whole night with a terrible fever, and his stomach was very bad. Thank G-D it only lasted a couple of days. It's never easy to have your kids sick, but it's even worst when they get sick while on vacation.

Throughout the trip we have gone to different beaches, parks, amusement parks, restaurants, playgrounds, both indoors and outdoors. The best indoor playgrounds are at the malls, so we have visited a lot of different malls to get away from the heat. My mom also did some arts and craft activities with the kids, since she is an artist, she loves working their creativity and entertaining them by making paintings, playing with playdough, building legos, etc...

I was very excited to take the kids to a special summer activity in the Ayarkon Park, called Neverland and it is was supposed to be an interactive event where the kids would go around "Neverland" participating in different activities. I was a little disappointed because upon reading the description I understood the kids were going to be able to interact in the activities but instead they were only sitting down, watching the characters tell stories, and since it was in hebrew they didn't understand anything.

Last Wednesday we went to Jerusalem, to the biblical zoo, and it was amazing. The way zoo is set up is so beautiful, the scenery is breathtaking. The zoo is very well kept, we really had such a good time, the kids loved it!

The kids require a lot of work and attention, and I definitely need time for myself as well. So I start my days by working out on the terrace of the apartment, and sometimes my dad and I go jogging to the beach, on a trail that goes along the whole coast of Tel Aviv. The views are incredible and very inspiring.

One morning I decided to take the day off from the kids, as I have been working tremendously hard, and went on a girl shopping day with my mom, sister and cousin. In Tel Aviv there are a lot of malls, almost one every other corner. Part of my enjoyment is buying things that I can't find in USA, and Israel has become very famous for fashion designers, so finding new and trendy stuff excites me, especially after working so hard for so many weeks.

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