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Earlier this week we had to say goodbye to our little Yorkshire Dog, Geisha. It took us by complete surprise, as she was a healthy dog and almost 11 years old. She never woke up the morning of July 4th.

It was a cloudy morning and as usual, I woke up and saw Geishi and Nala, our other dog, sleeping on their beds, which is right next to my side of the bed. I got dressed and went to the backyard to work out with my kids. 45 minutes later, Mari, our housekeeper, who has been with us for over 14 years, came up to me with a pale face and gave me one of the saddest news in my life, that Geishi had passed away. My first reaction was to run and grab the car keys to take her to the vet since I really thought she was exaggerating. For me at that moment, it was impossible that she had passed away, I never thought that day could actually come at this particular time.

As I was grabbing the car keys, screaming, I saw my husband crying non stop while carrying Geishita towards the front door. At that moment I realized that It was all true, my first baby had passed away. When I say that Geishita was my first baby is because she really was, she taught my husband and I how to be parents.

Geishi came into our lives as a college graduation present from an aunt, I wasn't married at the time and lived with my best friend Nicole. Geishita really got to be part of our group of friends as she was always with us. I took her to work, dinners, etc. Everybody loved her, she was very calm, never barked, was tiny and super cute, it was almost impossible not to fall in love with her instantly.

A few weeks before Aaron and I got married, we got another dog, Nala, from the same aunt that gifted us Geishita, this time as a wedding present. We were a family Aaron, Geishita, Nala and me.

When the twins were born we really tried to keep Geishi and Nala involved. The four of them would sleep in our bed, I would breastfeed with both Geishita and Nala next to me, we would all take walks together, we had them close by as often as possible.

I will never forget the image of Aaron holding Geishi in his arms, crying and saying he never wanted this day to come, and the face of the twins looking at him without understanding what was going on. Momo, one of the twins, started crying, saying that one of his legs was hurting. Ale, the other twin, was indifferent, like nothing had happened, and Jack was next to his dad saying OH NO! (he had no idea what was going on). So at that moment I had to do what was best for my kids, I had to be strong and tell them that their dog had passed away and that she was going to heaven with their great grandfathers to take care of them. It was so hard for me to explain such a big concept to such young kids, but the reality is that they understand more than we think. I preferred to get them involved and explain it to them, than to lie to them and hide the reality.

It was a really tough situation, but pets come to our lives to teach us great things, and one thing Geishi taught me the day she passed away was that we should never underestimate a kid's mind and that we should always be truthful and clear as to what they're seeing in their lives, even when things aren't nice.

Geishita, we will miss you so much, thank you for being there for us in good times and the bad, for never complaining, for being such a wonderful companion, for teaching us how to be parents, and for teaching us how to love unconditionally.

We will always love you and keep you in our hearts forever!

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