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In the summer, taking care of your hair and skin is not an easy task, the heat, the beach, the pool, plus the fact that I workout almost everyday, are huge factors that can really damage your hair and skin without the proper care.

I always like trying new and different beauty products and that is why I was so excited to start using La Bella® products. This brand has it all, hair, skin and body products that are really good and smell amazing, La Bella® have been creating their amazing products for over 30 years.

With my busy schedule I really don't have the time to blow dry my hair every single day, so I am very happy with my summer hair routine. I workout every morning, and after the sweat and heat I love to wash my hair with the Smoothing Shampoo that has avocado oil, the smell is so delicious and it makes my hair so soft, I also use a little bit of the conditioner so my hair gets even smoother.

After the shower I let my hair air dry and apply some Super Shine Serum that really helps controlling the frizz, and trust me, with the humidity we have here in Miami this is a great product for my hair! I also like to use this after the beach or pool to keep my hair hydrated and nourished.

Depending on how I want my hair to look that day I end my hair routine with some type of styling gel. For an updo, I like the Extreme Hold Styling Gel with coconut oil, or for a beach wave I use the Lots of Curls Styling Gel.

For my skin, after being exposed to so much daily sun, I really like to use the Rose Hip Oil that rehydrates my skin with its antioxidant rich blend and the help of vitamin E counteracts with the dryness of the skin to keep it smoother and hydrated.

This summer we are going to Israel for a month and I will be sure to pack my La Bella® product to keep my hair and skin nourished and feeling good!

I recommend you all to look into this beauty line and if you click here you can get a coupon to buy any product you like.

Some extra tips:

- In my beach bag I have the Super Shine Serum so after a dip in the ocean I apply the serum to my hair and that really protects it from the salt and the sun. When you get home and wash your hair you will really feel a difference in your hair.

- I use the Rose Hip Oil for the bottom of my feet. At night before going to bed I apply the oil on the bottom of my feet and rub it in, I put on socks and sleep with them and the next morning my feet feel amazing.

- To really nourish and hydrate your hair, at night or before a workout wet you hair and apply the Smoothing Conditioner, air dry your hair and put it in a bun and leave it or a few hours or overnight, when you wash it afterwards you will feel your hair very healthy and soft.

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