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After doing an interview about my blog and my infertility journey with Jael Toledo, I told her about my dream for the future, which was to create a virtual space where people suffering from infertility could seek help and support, a place that people could tell their stories, express their feelings and get the help they needed.

So Jael told me, "you can’t wait, you have to do this now", and I was like, I CAN’T, I have three boys, work, my house, etc. I don’t even know how to do this, where to start, how do you even do a non-profit? who could help me? And she told me, "I don't know, but get started because you are going to do this". I was very overwhelmed.

One of the biggest things I have learned over time, specially when I overcame my infertility battle, is that things happen for a reason, there are no coincidences in life, there are only opportunities that present themselves at the right time.

A few weeks before my interview with Jael, I had attended an event, where I only talked to one person in the whole room, and in that conversation the lady I spoke with told me that her husband was a non-profit organization consultant, so I kept her information for the future in case I needed it.

As soon as I left the interview with Jael this memory sparked my brain, I knew exactly how and where to start, and so I did. I got in contact with the consultant and started all the paper work for the Foundation. After that I set a date for the launching event, and started to get all of the important details on track. 2 months latter I was ready to formally launch The Three Under 2 Foundation.

The event turned out amazing, I got help from so many professionals who did an exceptional job. The invitation was done by VanillaShake Media. Lisi from Forever Events help me with all the planing and Hitched Events provided all of the beautiful party rentals, including the lighting that made the venue look so much cooler. I did custom banners, notepads and pens with Stichink, everything had The Foundation logo as well as the sponsor's logos. We showed a video done by Lotus7 Films, of how the foundation was created and how I got to this point in my life. And Jael gave an amazing motivational speech that had all of us amazed.

The food was delicious, we had sushi from 26 Sushi and Tapas, salads and ceviche from Catering By Aileen and other delicious appetizers form Green Eats. The desert table was unreal, all the cakes were done by Praline Pastries and they were so yummy. Bar Nomade, which is a traveling bar, serve specialty drinks that had everybody super happy.

All the pictures were taken by Marisa Matluck Photography, and my outfit was styled and provided by Style by GG.

I want to thank all of the companies that made this event possible and all of the sponsors that contributed to this amazing cause.

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