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MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS - The ones I've received and the ones I would love to get

As mother's day approaches I wanted to share with you the gifts I have received on mother's day and the ones I would love to get one day. This is a guide that could help your husband and kids!

My first year as a mom I was visiting my family in Israel along with my twins, while my husband was on the other side of the world in Miami. Over there they don't celebrate mother's day, so I was a little sad that my very first mother's day I wasn't going to be home to celebrate. But my husband was thoughtful enough to send me flowers, which got me very excited and grateful, it caught me by complete surprise.

My second year as a mom I got the best present ever! The very next day I gave birth to my third son Jack, since I had a c-section I knew that the next day I would be getting the best gift a mother could get.

I also got custom made Adidas Superstars shoes designed by my husband. This gift was so cool, not only did I love the shoes, but they were designed by my husband and had my kids initials engraved on the back of the shoes.

Last year, the day before mother's day, my husband told me to pack a small bag because he and the kids were taking me somewhere as a surprise. I was so excited, I love surprises! We got in the car and started driving,10 minutes later we drove into a beautiful resort very close to our house. I thought it was such an amazing idea, we were having a staycation. As we went in the resort I noticed that my husband had already checked us in and as we went into the room I had flowers and a beautiful card on the table waiting for me. This by far was the best gift ever, not only because we were in a beautiful resort all together, but also because of the thought that my husband had in every detail of the surprise.

Now this are some gifts that I think are amazing ideas for a mother on her special day.


1. Apple Watch - I would love to get an Apple Watch so I can stay communicated with my phone without having to actually have my phone in my hands. Also I love the fitness apps that track your movement and heart rate while exercising.

2. Spa Day - Any mom would love a nice relaxing day since our lives are so crazy most of the times.

3. Breakfast in bed - I love this gift because it can be a nice way to involve the kids, and make them feel part of the gift.


4. Arts & Crafts - this requires some time and planning from dad, but it can be an amazing gift for any mom.

5. Gift card from her favorite store - I am sure that any mom would love to go for some retail therapy, so you can give her a gift card so she can go and spend a day relaxing and shopping.

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