This past week all three of my kids were sick with a stomach virus, which gave them vomit and diarrhea. It was a nightmare, imagine having three kids so little that don't understand what is going on, it's almost impossible calming them down.

I contacted the pediatrician as soon as the situation started, he told me that it was most likely a virus and that there was not much we could do, other that keep them hydrated at all times. Antibiotics don't work so it's just a matter of time for the virus to leave their bodies.

I went to the pharmacy and got them Pedialyte, which is a medical-grade hydration solution specially formulated with the optimal balance of sugar and electrolytes needed to help replenish vital fluids, minerals, and nutrients, which, when lost, can lead to dehydration.

I usually don't like the kids drinking any juices or sodas because of all the sugar it contains, so at first they were very excited when I told them I got them a new juice to drink. But when they tasted it they were not so happy. I had to come up with some tricks to make sure they had a good dose of the Pedialyte.

My three boys love to drink San Pellegrino, I know it sound weird but what can I say, they really love it. So I told them that for each sip of the Pedialyte they could have a sip of San Pellegrino. I also got them a basket of plastic golf balls (which they love) and made them sort of a Beer Pong game on the kitchen floor, again I told them that after each sip of Pedialyte they could throw a golf ball into the plastic cups, that got them very excited. And that is how I did it for a few days.

It was a terrible weekend, I had a very hard time making them understand they could not eat the foods they are accustomed to, and the worst part was seeing their suffering faces, it makes me so sad. I wish they could always be virus free, but as we all know that's impossible, all we can do is prepare for when it happens and keep them hydrated!