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Thinking about the the time I was going through IVF brings back so many memories and mixed feelings. It was an incredibly tough period in my life, nevertheless it's how I became a mother.

At the time, I decided to let only a few people know about my infertility, and I relied heavily on their love and support. I wasn't ready for the world to know what I was going through, I felt embarrassed.

Aaron, my husband, was the best ally, he always kept calm and encouraged me to stay relaxed, which really helped me maintain a positive attitude throughout the whole process. He was always there to hear me complain when times were tough and to hug me when I was sad. I always felt his love and support, we were a team fighting together to achieve the same goal. He really was, and is, the best thing that ever happened to me.

My family's support was incredible, they always insisted that this was just a bump on the road, and that I should keep fighting to go right through it. They really kept me positive and strong.

The second time I went to Colombia for my In Vitro it was right around my birthday, so my parents, in-laws and close family members decided to accompany me on my journey. Their support filled me with so much love and positive energy that I'm sure that helped me getting pregnant.

Going back in time a few months, when I originally found out about my problem, I started therapy with Bea, who is a friend of my family. She is the founder of the B.E.A. Method (, a personalized process designed to orientate your life through your abilities, and combining it with techniques meant for your particular case.

We started by evaluating my whole life, not only this particular problem. Love, relationships, work, studies, health, alimentation, hobbies, etc. I realized that there were many factors affecting my life, other than not getting pregnant. For example, I had a clothing boutique at the time and it was generating a lot of stress in my life, so she taught me to be aware of all the things that were bothering me, conscious or unconsciously, and told me to open up space for the good thing to come. She showed me the way to get rid of my limitations, fears, and to welcome new opportunities by connecting with myself. I also found ways to deal with my impatience and learned about the timing of life.

She used different techniques, Aura-Soma, Massage, Energy Work, Coaching, etc. It really helped me find my true self and to be prepared for anything, as well as how to transform conflicts into opportunities.

This process got me closer to the people I love, and I'm forever grateful for everyone's support, as I could not have done it alone. People are always there on the good times but the people that support you through tough times are the ones that truly love you.

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