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Since we are in Cartagena, Colombia, I thought it would be a great time to show you what I always take on my beach or pool bag. We live in Miami, where it's sunny and hot almost year round, so going to the beach or pool is always a great activity for us.

Beach Bag - When we go to the beach or pool with the whole family, I always like to take a big bag, my favorite is LeSportSac Weekender, which come in different sizes. What i love most about it, aside from its size, is the fact that it's waterproof and very resistant. I always use it as my large diaper bag.

Sun Protection - We all use different types of sunscreen, therefore I always try to have a good variety of it. For the kids I have tried many different brands, as Moises would always get irritated around his eyes and mouth, and I found that Babyganics Sunscreen with 50 SPF did not have that effect on him. Ever since, we have only used Babyganics on all the kids. My husband’s choice of sunscreen is Coppertone SPORT®, there are many SPF’s available but he usually likes 30+ SPF, he also uses it when he plays golf. He has to take extra good care of his skin because three years ago he had a mole of Melanoma In Situs removed from his back, thank G-D the dermatologist was able to remove all of it and he’s doing perfect.

My choice has always been Australian Gold Spray Gel with Bronze, I use different SPF’s, depending on how tan I want to get. For my face, on a daily basis, I use HydroPeptide Solar Defense SPF 30 and Shiseido UV Protective Compact Foundation. When I’m on the beach or pool I apply it a few times throughout the day.

Hats - I always take hats for all of us, I find it very important to protect our faces at all times. It’s hard to leave the hats on the kids, but I try to leave it for as long as possible.

Water - Hydration is the most important part on a beach or pool day, so I take lots of water and make the kids drink as much as possible.

Snacks - I take snacks that are easy to carry and that don't need to be refrigerated. For example, raisins, chips, apples, etc.

Toys and Inflatables - It’s a good idea to take entertainment for the kids, that way they are sure to have an amazing time. For example, beach balls, sand castle sets, etc. For babies is good to take a floaty to make them feel comfortable when they are in the water, I used the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy for all my kids, I love the fact it has a canopy which gives them extra protection from the sun, it also folds easily so you can take it everywhere.

Change of Clothes and Towels - Leaving your kids wet is a bad idea because they can get sick very easily, so I always take towels and a change of clothes that is comfortable.

I also take diapers and rash cream because the sand tends to make their skin irritated.

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