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This past Saturday we celebrated the wedding of one of our cousins', and as I explained before, we had many events leading to the main celebration.

It all started with the bachelorette party a week before the wedding. The bride's sister rented a party bus for the occasion, so after meeting at her house we all went down to the bus and got the party started! We stayed on the bus for a while and then headed to a club, La Victoria. After a long night we decided to end it eating arepas, as we Venezuelan's love to do.

On Wednesday I co-hosted the Bridal Shower in my house, along with my aunt and sister in law. That was definitely a crazy day, I had to stay home the whole day and prepare my house for the event. Thankfully my mom was in town to help with the decoration, as she is a very talented artist; and when it comes to arts and crafts I know I can count on her to do something amazing, just as she did when she made all of the flower arrangements. We also had a really cool set up for the bar, which was serving very creative drinks like fruit popsicle champagne and vodka with rosemary. It all came out beautiful.

Anabelle (left)

Shop Vicky Victoria top, jeans and shoes

Ergoactives boot (broken foot)

Me (center)

Alexis shorts and crop top

Elizabeth (right)

On Thursday we had the Aufruf, which is the grooms prayer in the synagogue, followed by breakfast.

Friday night we had a big shabbat dinner. That day was also my friend's birthday, so after dinner we went out to bar at the Faena, a new hotel in South Beach.

Moises (left)

Alejandro (right)

On Saturday we had the main event, the wedding. It was so beautiful, the decoration made you feel like we were in a forest filled with trees and purple flowers. The bride and groom looked amazing and had an incredible energy surrounding them. We also took the kids, as they were part of the wedding and had to walk down the aisle to welcome the bride.

Alejandro and Moises

Suspenders and Bow Tie were given to them for participating on the wedding


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