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I am very organized when it comes to packing, especially because packing for 5 is never easy.

I usually start with the kids' luggage, carefully picking out each outfit to make sure it's proper for the trip's destination. This time around we are going to Cartagena, Colombia for the holidays with my family, so I I'm packing bathing suits with matching t-shirts, lots of shorts, shirts and a special outfit for new years eve. I normally try to stay within the same color scheme, that way I can use the same pair of shoes with different outfits and save luggage space.

I start by laying everything out on top of my bed, including the basics like diapers, lotions, medicines, pajamas etc. I like seeing everything to make sure I'm not missing anything. When everything is on the bed, I start putting it inside the organizers by categories, for example, day clothing, night clothing, pajamas, shoes, etc., which makes it easier to know exactly where everything is.

The best part about using organizers is that when I get to my destination, instead of unpacking, I just put each organizer in a drawer, open it and voila, no need to unpack.

I use the exact same technique for my husband's clothing and mine. Sometimes I even color code the organizers to know which ones are the twins', jack's and ours.

I have many different sizes and styles of organizers to make sure everything stays nice and neat.

If you are interested in these organizers you can call Give Wink Aventura (305) 705-3341, and mention Three Under 2 to receive free embroidery personalization rushed overnight, with the purchase of a 5 pack Organizers, just like the ones in the pictures.

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