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I always believed that I was in complete control of my life and that I could get pregnant whenever I planned to. I had never missed a period before, I was always regular, therefore I thought my body worked “perfectly”. The difficulty of getting pregnant never crossed my mind.

After a year of constantly trying to get pregnant, without any luck, my husband and I decided to go to a fertility doctor to see what was going on. They did all types of test on us and found out that one of my fallopian tubes was blocked. I was in shock, I’d never had a health issue before in my life!

I felt so depressed, it seemed like the universe was against me. And to make it even worst, I kept seeing more and more people around me getting pregnant all the time, I was so envious, to me it was like mission impossible.

After many procedures, a few artificial inseminations and consultations with different doctors, I got my tube removed. The next step was In Vitro Fertilization.

I always thought that In Vitro Fertilization was a difficult and very aggressive procedure. But as I started, and got in to the treatment, I understood that it is as easy or as hard as you set your mind to be.

For 2 weeks I would wake up every morning and Aaron, my husband, would inject me the necessary hormones since I was too scared to inject myself, even though the needles were quite small. Plus, it was a nice way of having him participate in the process and work together as a team to achieve our goal.

Once we finished the injections I went in for my egg retrieval procedure, which was the hardest part, a bit painful and gave me some cramps. The removal was a success, they were able to withdraw 7 eggs. I waited 3 days for the embryos to develop in order to get the transfer done. The doctor recommended the transfer of 2 embryos to increase the chances of success. That was by far the easiest but most important day of the whole process.

After the transfer, I had to get progesterone injections every morning for a month, and my husband took care of it. 10 days into the injection process we went out to diner and I started feeling a little nauseous, I did not know if it was real or if I was imagining things. The doctor advised me to wait 12 days before getting the blood pregnancy test, but since I have absolutely no patience, that night, I bought a home pregnancy test and did it.

I was so nervous waiting for the results and my husband was so calm, he was sure that it was positive. After a few minutes I saw the stick and it was POSITIVE.

There I was, pregnant for the first time in my life. It was unbelievable, we were so happy!


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